16 luminaries joined us for Sam’s favourite London ride. From Hex we weaved our way through the streets of Shoreditch en route towards Regents Park. A few laps of the outer and inner circles and then we were off to Highgate's hills before heading back to Hex for a few beers and pizza. We caught up with Sam before the ride to find out a little more about Hex and his involvement in the venue.

How long have you been open? 

Coming up to two years now.

Tell us a bit about why you/they started and how you have evolved?

A love of group riding and post-ride socializing were some of the main reasons I started the business. Over the last two years I've been very lucky to have Super Domestique in residence at the arch and this has developed the offering to include one of the best bike fitting studios and workshops in London.

What’s your speciality?


What rides/events do you usually host? What groups gather here?

I've always enjoyed hosting the Pretorius Saturday rides. HEX took over the lease on the premises from Pretorius two years ago and it has been good to keep the ride element of their business going for the loyal customer base they have built up of the last seven or eight years.

Why do you think it’s important that cycling destinations like this exist?

I don't know exactly how important it really is but somewhere for cyclists to start and end a ride with coffee, pizza and maybe a beer seems like a good idea to me.





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