How and when did Look mum no hands! start? How have you grown since then?

Look mum no hands! on 49 Old St. started in 2010. From day one we've been fixing bikes, serving Hackney based Square Mile Coffee, freshly prepared food and craft beer. We now have 6 taps for draft beer (and cider), organic wine and a full spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a sister site in Whitechapel (minus the workshop) serving the same excellent coffee and food. Over the years we've had pop-ups at the Southbank, London Bridge, Bristol's Bespoked and the Tweed-Run. Our in house events have grown from book launches, cycling exhibitions, panels on mental health, discussions on representations in cycling to Bike-oke (karaoke on a bike). We deliver all sorts of catering for local offices and events from fully functioning bars, coffee machines with baristas to a round of sandwiches for lunch. PLUS Lmnh ships all sorts of fun cycling products to fans all over the world via our online shop and wholesales to bicycle shops in Japan and Korea.


Do you think the cycling scene has changed with more spaces like this opening?

Dropping your bike off, being able to buy a coffee or something to eat while you wait makes sense. Cycling is all about getting from A to B. It doesn't matter how big the space in between is, you want to arrive somewhere nice, treat yourself at the beginning, middle and or end. Cycling cafes make it easier for people travelling on bikes to pull up, chat, eat and drink. It's important to note lots of non cyclists like to hang out here too. Being a good cafe / workshop is first and foremost. Make a space people want to hang out and they'll pop back with or without their bike.


Do you think the cycling scene has changed with more spaces like this opening?

We're a space for people to come together, either over food and drink, for knowledge or fun. We try not to manage the community too much and allow ourselves to be a space where rides, events and ideas can happen! If you have an something in mind let us know.


What's the biggest ride of the year?

The biggest ride we host is Islington CC's Great Escape every year in May. It's an absolute treat to see over 300 cyclists meet at the cafe for breakfast and return for lashings of beer in the afternoon.
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What's on the menu? What would you say your speciality is?  

We are currently trialling an all veggie menu at Old street, you should try the Big Cheese. it's really Gouda. Seriously. It's a huge breaded piece of gouda with spicy piquillo ketchup and heritage tomatoes.

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