A : Always On 

“Always on” lighting has been a key feature in cars for many years and has proved to reduce accidents by up to 25%. Personal visibility at all times is really important,especially when light changes (dawn or dusk) as these are the times when drivers find it difficult to adjust. We want to make personal visibility an easy and integral part of everyone's ride and so we have developed performance kit that keeps you visible, even in the day.



 B : Biomotion

Biomotion is the individual's ability to perceive the human form from a few small stimuli: essentially meaning that lights positioned on the body can be recognised by motorists as a rider on a bike within 0.25 seconds, or the blink of an eye...allowing better judgement of speed and distance.Lights on your bike are essential, but having additional lighting on your body will give you another layer of personal visibility that will ensure you are seen in a blinking moment.




C : Contrast

Contrast is important when talking about visibility.Research shows that lights set against a dark background deliver massive improvements in visibility. The lights pop and make a visual impact. The Metier LED lights front and rear do exactly that...helping motorists to see you...no apologies


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