Our Métier
We exist to create a difference in the cycling industry. We develop products that are innovative and exciting – a breakaway which stimulates thought; a shift in mindset; a ripple through a stagnant market. Our visual identity is an expression of this approach – a graphic shift that captures our thinking.

Form + Function
At Métier, we hold form & function in equal regard. We know that cyclists want to look great in the kit they wear, so at the same time as integrating cutting-edge technology into our garments, we place design at the heart of our business. Our mantra, ‘Always On’, means that our products must not only be fit for purpose, but should also be your go-to garments on the bike.

Personal Visibility
We want to celebrate the freedom cycling gives you – both mentally and physically – and we are here to support the cyclist in their journey. Métier offers a new experience for cyclists with garments that have integrated personal visibility to make sure you’re prepared to ride anytime, anywhere from sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise.

Designed to be seen
The safety of cyclists on the road is of paramount importance to us. There are far too many serious incidents involving cyclists, and we believe our wearable technology can make a difference. We want the individual riding the bike to be recognisable within a quarter of a second of someone looking.

Hearts and Minds
As is the case for many cyclists, we live and ride in the city and the country. We value design, detail and simplicity, and we take a technical approach to our products, fabrics and technology and yet often our hearts are on an adventure somewhere else – our minds are on the open road. We understand this contrast in the life of a cyclist and develop kit that supports all of your journeys – whether it’s an early morning commute, weekend rides in the country lanes or climbing a far-away mountain pass.