Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Currency

Do your prices include tax?
All Checkout Prices for Great Britain include sales taxes; there are no additional fees to pay at all. All other prices are exclusive of local import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Prices for Great Britain and Europe include VAT. All other prices are exclusive of local import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.
When will I be charged for my order?
You’ll be charged for your order when it is dispatched from our warehouse. For Paypal you will be charged when the order is placed.

Price match

I have recently purchased an item, and it has now been reduced in price, will Metier price match the difference?
Yes, we are happy to match the reduced price in the form of a credit voucher as long the product was purchased at full price and within 14 days of the price being reduced. We are not able to match the price if the product, including size and colour is not in stock at the time of the request or if we have already provided a price match on the product.

Out of Stock

When are products coming back into stock?
As soon as Métier have an estimated date of delivery it will normally be posted on the specific product page.
I’d like to order a product, but it does not allow me to put it in the basket.
If it is not possible to select an item this means that it is not available. Please use the ‘inform me when back in stock’ feature on the product page to find out when items come back into stock.


How long does the delivery take?
Please refer to the Shipping section for estimated Express and Standard delivery times for each region.
When will my order be sent out?
Please refer to the Shipping section for estimated despatch and delivery times. You can track your delivery through the relevant shipping agent (Royal mail or DHL)
How are Products shipped and how much will shipping cost to my address?
Please refer to the delivery section.


What’s your returns policy?
You can return any product you receive from Métier within 30 days of receipt, as long as the item is unused and unwashed. For more information, please visit the returns section of the website.
I do not like the product I ordered, what can I do?
If the product is new and unused you can return it to us for a refund within 30 days of receipt. Please visit our returns section for more information on how to return a product.
How do I return a product?
Please visit the returns section of the website for full instructions on how to return a product.
I want to return a product, but I don’t have the original packaging?
You can always send the products back to Métier in another package but please pack securely and follow the instructions in the returns section of the website.
How do I exchange a product?
If you would like to exchange your purchase, please follow the steps in the section ‘How to Make a Return’ in the Returns section of the website.


I am not sure which size to order?
The Beacon Collection has been designed to have an ergonomic on-the-bike fit. Made with 4-way-stretch compression fabrics, our garments are race worthy, aero-fit garments, yet comfortable enough to ride all day and all night. On all the product pages there is specific sizing information in the sizing section of the product page column. Please also have a look at our sizing information at the bottom of the site. If you are still not certain about which size is right, please contact for more advice or call 0330 1132294 for customer support.


Are your products washable?
All of our products are washable. Please refer to the care instructions detailed on the individual product pages.
Is the battery removable
Yes the battery is easily removable and should be done before washing and charging.
Are the LEDs integral (and can they be washed)
The LED’s are fully bonded into the garment and therefore are an integral part of the construction of both the jacket and the gilet. As a result of the fusion process they are fully washable and waterproof.
What material makes up the garment and is it permanently waterproof
The fabric is fully hydrophobic with an ISO rating of 100. It has a 2 step DWR process which makes it highly water repellant with the benefit of being fully breathable in order to give you great heat management as you ride.
What is Hydrophobic?
A Literally the definition is: lacking affinity for water; tending to repel or not to absorb water.
What is DWR?
Durable Water Repellent is a coating that is added to fabrics to make them Hydrophobic. Our process has a 2 stage DWR process that bakes the DWR into the fabric fibre.
How big is the battery and how long does it last
The battery is 55mm x 40mm x,20mm and weighs 56 grams with the silicon cover. The battery lasts for upto 72 hours on flashing mode and upto 12 hours on constant mode.
How easy is it to use whilst riding (i.e. Is the button easy to find and use)?
The control box is located in a dedicated pocket at the rear of the garments. It has a push button operation with 4 steps for slow flash, one for fast flash and one for constant and one for off. It is really simple and intuitive.
How often do you have to charge the battery?
Each charge last for 70 hours on flashing mode and 12 hours on constant mode
What temperature range are the garments suitable for?
Due to the amazing fabric you can ride comfortably with a base layer at temperatures down to 4 degrees or upto 10-12 degrees (we have ridden with it upto 17/18 degrees). It really is a massively flexible garment.
Is it legal to use only the jacket and not have lights on your bike?
There is a legal requirement to have lights on your bike: we would never advocate not having lights on your bike. Métier lights give you an enhanced level of personal visibility that delivers rider BioMotion (see tech section for more detail)
How bright are the lights compared to bike lights.
Brightness is measured in luminosity and colour temperature. Our front lights are a total of 160 lumens (UHI) and our rear lights 22 lumens (UHB): this output is very similar to bike lights on the market but naturally have a different impact due to the positioning on the body.
What is UHI and UHB?
UHI is Ultra High Intensity and UHB is Ultra High Brightness.